Andrew Lacey


Andrew Lacey is a sculptor, bronze founder and archaeometallurgist. His sculpture stems from a figurative tradition, heavily influenced by Classical and Renaissance equestrian sculpture symbolic of power, beauty and poetic intention. He readdresses these issues in the present culture exploring duality within form, for example, strength and stillness.

The narrative of his drawing and painting relates directly to his sculptural work. He runs his own sculpture studio specializing in bronze casting and therefore casts his own work. His engagement with the casting process enables creative interception at any stage and leads to a lively exploration the making of sculpture. His approach to patination considers the integral expression of the work and his manner is spontaneous, experimental and focused.

In recent years he has studied and taught various aspects of sculpture including ‘the interpretation of archaeological relics', ‘the making of high renaissance masterpieces’ and ‘contemporary techniques of bronze cast sculpture'. Much of this historical and archaeological knowledge has influenced his specific approach in building sculpture and exploring the nature of materials.

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Available Works

Mud, Ash, Ochre