Charles Williams


Born  1965, Evanston, Ill., USA
Education Maidstone College of Art 1985-9,Royal Academy Schools 1989-1992

Artist Statement
English illustrators of the past two hundred years, Charles Keane, EH Shephard, Ronald Searle, Giles, have inspired me as much as the great painters. I have seen things in them that I have also seen in the paintings that define me, like Renoir's "Luncheon Of The Boating Party", Watteau's shop sign for Gersaint, Hopper's "Gas Station", Spencer's "Swan Upping At Cookham", Hogarth's "Modern Midnight Conversation", or Maddox Brown's "Last Of England". I think it is called 'humanism'. Not very fashionable, but I am afraid I'm not either. People are filthy, and beautiful, nasty and sublime, wicked and humane, evil and full of the most heartbreaking charity, and I want to paint it all.

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British Design Council, British High Commission in Nairobi, TVS ,Kent Institute of Art and Design, Lily Savage, Alan Howarth MP, HSBC, Chevron UK Private Collections

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