Dan McDermott

Man with cigarette 30x40cm oil on canvas 2009

Often described as photo-realist paintings, the canvasses, shimmering and subversive, render everyday, and often overlooked, subject matter mysterious.  In this new work the artist draws upon black and white cinema and film noir interiors provide contrast for sunny street scenes and the daylight innocence of ‘60s and ‘70s suburban America, along with the automobiles that became his signature.

All images are taken from film, from fiction, and these paintings therefore add another layer to the world we see through visual media.  The work we see is a depiction of something already depicted, and arrive via the TV screen, projecting the outside world, and the past, into the artists life and into all our lives.

By recording, replaying and then freezing, the frames and images reveal a snapshot of time and place, places we have never been but we feel we know so well.  This freezing of motion throws out unexpected visual dynamics which the artist then uses as a base for the subsequent painting, during which he amplifies and reduces different tonal ranges of the images in question.  It is the skill of this technique that gives these images their unique energy and an almost electric static.

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