Jo Taylor


"Animals, the simplest things. They are not affected by spiritual and intellectual torments from which men suffer. Animals and their elements exist in that state of perfect innocence which reigned before original sin, guided by that mixture of freedom and necessity in which pure instinct is composed".

From The Intensity of Animal life by Franz Marc and Wassily Kandinsky.

The ancient relationship between man, horse and the elements. This is the recurring theme throughout the work of Jo Taylor. Her work echoes the classical and renaissance masters as she celebrates the beauty of the beast whilst exploring how our world has evolved through theirs. Rigorous life drawing and patient observation are the starting points for these visually arresting works.

It is through watching, drawing and riding horses that Jo Taylor captures a sense of their power and presence. Like her influences Leonardo and Gericault, Jo is attracted to the expressive body of animals. As explained by Jane Wheatley of The Times, "Jo does a lot of watching horses; in racing stables and on windy gallops, in the Camargue marshes and at Portuguese Horse Fairs, out in Montana cattle country and on the South African plains. Watching looking, making sketches, remembering the lift of a hoof, the curve of a neck, the line of a muscle".

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Available Works

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